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Sweet 16 Party Planning Checklist


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3 months before the party

q    Determine your budget

q    Tour various restaurants and hotels for possible locations

q    Check your personal calendar as well as the school's

q    Pick the date & location


6 weeks before the party

q    Start collecting memorabilia and assembling scrapbook or boards

q    Call or stop by a rental company to see all the fun stuff for rent

q    If you are having your party at home, order your tables, chairs & tents

q    Call caterers or local restaurants for bids

q    Decide on a theme, call for entertainment prices

q    Order or start making invitations

q    Start on invitation list

q    Select caterer or ask a friend to help

q    Rent tables, games, serving equipment

q    Order water bottles (or labels) with your Sweet 16 photo on them

q    Buy thank you notes, stamps and return address labels

q    Buy paper plates, napkins, silverware, glasses, etc.

q    Buy decorations, including centerpieces

q    Order food & beverages

q    Mail invitations 4 weeks before the party

q    Buy party favors for your Sweet 16 guests

q    Find a place for your pets

q    Finish scrapbook or board


The week of the party

q    Pick up food & beverages

q    If you are having your party outside of your home go to the location to

determine table placement and seating chart if you are having one

q    Buy extra film and batteries and charge video batteries

q    Recruit a friend to pick up the balloons and flowers on party day

q    Follow up with guests who have not replied to the invitation

q    Wrap gifts for Sweet 16 and guests

q    Make cardholder and set up decorations/memorabilia

q    Confirm hotel reservations for out of town guests

q    Set up tent on the day before the party

q    Review guest list with your teen

q    Confirm delivery of rental equipment and plan to be there for a quick


q    Talk to your teen about your expectations during the party


The day of the party

q    Sleep as late as you can; you’re gonna need all the energy you can get!

q    Wake up your teen with breakfast in bed

q    Take your pet to a friend’s or a kennel for a day of rest

q    Set out trash barrels (and recycling boxes if serving canned drinks)

q    Sweep the front entryway, driveway and garage (if you are using it)

q    Pick up balloons and put up yard signs and directional signs

q    Meet with your helpers. Give them detailed instructions

q    Set tables, serving tables and beverages

q    Set out non-perishable food early

q    Set out perishable food at the last minute

q    Give your teen a letter saying how proud you are of them

q     Give your Sweet 16 a big hug and let the celebration begin!


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