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Sweet 16 Party

Decorating for your Party


Here's a chance to get really creative and have some fun.  Dare to be different! 

Go with a theme.

Decorate with something unusual that means something to your teen.

Buy a big photo banner of your teen.

Purchase huge balloons.

Sprinkle Photofetti and Wordfetti on table tops.

Line your driveway with photos on a stick.

Build excitement for the party and hang the decorations the day before.  It leaves one less thing for the day of the party.  Here are a few ideas:


Sweet 16 Banners

Sweet 16 Party Banners

Banners are a great way to decorate.  Hang them indoors or outdoors and let everyone know how proud you are.


Banners come in many different sizes and styles and can be personalized or not so you can use them over and over.


Bannerz by Shindigz.com has a great selection of birthday-themed and weather-resistant banners that make a fun and easy-to-hang decoration inside or out.  You can even get banners with your teen's photo on them. 


You might think quality banners like this are expensive.  But Bannerz by Shindigz.com has them starting as low as $14.99.  Just click here to see their selection or to order.  


Want more ideas for Sweet 16 Banners? ... Just go to our Banners webpage ...



Sweet 16 Party Balloons


Nothing sets the birthday mood quite like balloons, balloon bouquets, or balloon arches!  Then there's latex balloons and Mylar balloons.  And, of course, there are many different colors.  Using your teen's favorite colors is always a popular choice. 


If you are hosting the party outside of your home, check to be sure latex is allowed.  If it is banned due to allergies ask about Mylar instead.


Be sure to order your balloons ahead of time, especially if you want a lot.  The selection of balloons is incredible, so go in to the store and select them ahead of time.  Most stores require prepayment for large orders and have them ready for pick up on the day of the party.  Ask a friend to pick them up.


Line your walkway and driveway with balloons anchored into the grass with huge nails or tent pegs.


Shindigz.com has lots of fun birthday balloons.  Click here to see their selection and to order.  You can rent helium tanks at your local party store or rental store.


Want more ideas for Balloons? ... Just go to our Balloons webpage ...


Posters & Standees

Sweet 16 Party PostersSelect one or a few favorite pictures of your teen and have them blown up as posters.  Use current pictures, baby pictures or school pictures.  Your local photo shop should be able to do this.


Go to our "Local Products & Services" webpage and search for your state.  Photo retailers in your area may be listed.


Or go to  Snapfish.com, an online photo processor.  Simply upload the photos you like and order the size you want.  You can even correct flaws such as red eye.


Photo StandeeYour photos can also be turned into unique, life-size standees.  Put one at the door to greet your guests.  Or set one up in a special spot in your party area where guests can get their picture taken.


Life-size photo standees and wall graphics are available at Shindigz.com.  Just send them a photo and the height of your teen and they'll create a life-size photo standee or wall graphic.


Or choose photo props of almost any theme - superhero, football, and kissing booth to name just a few.  These are also available at Shindigz.com.


Want more ideas for Posters or Standees? ... Just go to our Posters/Standees webpage ...



Guest Books

Sweet 16 Party Guest Books

Guest Books are a traditional way for birthday party guests to record their wishes & hopes for the new 16 year old.


There are a number of different ways to do this. Carlson Craft offers silver & gold guest books that come with or without a nameplate that can be engraved with your teen's name.  They also have Memory Books that include Guest Book pages.


Or you can use Snapfish.com to create a personalized & one-of-a-kind note book which can be used as a guest book.


Another idea is a "Signature Frame", available at our affiliate website, Carlson Craft.  Have your teen's friends sign it before the party and surprise your birthday teen with it.  Or have it displayed for guests to sign on the day of the party.  


Want more ideas for Guest Books? ... Just go to our Guest Books webpage ...


Photo Confetti & Wordfetti

Photofetti.comPhotofettii!!!  This fun & unique table décor features photographs of your teen mixed with festive confetti.  Sprinkle it on your dining tables, your guest book table, your gift table, or anywhere else your guests will be hanging out.


Wordfetti allows you to customize 1" pieces of confetti with custom sayings that are printed on both sides of the confetti.  Choose from ready-to-use sayings such as "Happy Birthday", "Sweet 16", and "You're the best" or create your own personalized saying.  You can even include your teen's name and/or nickname(s).


Carry the theme through by including some Photofetti and/or Wordfetti in your invitations and thank you cards.  Find out more at Photofetti.com


Want more ideas for Confetti? ... Just go to our Confetti webpage ...


Table Decorations

Sweet 16 Centerpiece

Add flair to your tables with creative centerpieces and table decorations.  You can make your own using flowers, candles, balloons, pictures or mementos. 


Or you can buy themed centerpieces.  Shindigz.com has several different options to choose from.  Click here to browse through their selection and to order.


Want more ideas for Table Decorations? ... Just go to our Table Decorations webpage ...


Sweet 16 TablewareTableware

Whether you're having appetizers, a buffet or a sit-down dinner, some sort of tableware is a must for your Sweet 16 Party.  You'll need plates, cups, utensils, and napkins.


Options include plain tableware perhaps in your favorite colors, themed tableware, and printed items such as printed napkins.


Shindigz.com has plain, Sweet 16 and themed tableware.  Click here to check out their selection and to order. 


Printed napkins are a nice touch and can be ordered in beverage or luncheon sizes at our affiliate website, Carlson Craft.


Want more ideas for Tableware? ... Just go to our Tableware webpage ...


Unique & One-of-a-kind Decorations

Sweet 16 Display - Sports JerseysDecorations don't have to be expensive or even store bought.  Think about who your teen is and what they like to do.  What are their hobbies and passions?  Are they into sports?  Or music?  Or Scouts?  Do they like to travel?  What college do they want to attend?


If your teen plays sports or is part of a group or organization, hang their old jerseys and uniforms on a clothesline.  (The little ones, if you still have them, are really cute.)


If your teen is a dancer or figure skater, hang their costumes around the party area.  Include team or individual pictures taken over the years.


Decorate with crepe paper in your favorite colors. 


Display photos of grandparents and parents (this is a great way to get them involved!).


And, of course, display photos of the guest of honor ... but you already thought of that!  For ideas on how to display pictures of your teen, check out our Tribute for  Sweet 16 webpage ...


Sweet 16 Party Yard SignDeck the Yard!

Don't just decorate the inside!  You can decorate outside too, especially if your guests will be spending some time on your deck or in your backyard.


Use balloons, banners or even a 6' high air-blown birthday cake!  Not sure what wind spinners are?  Just go to our Outdoor Decorations webpage to find out.


Post some "The Party's Here" signs in your yard or on your street corner.  Use signs that are personalized with your teen’s name on them or non-personalized signs that can be used again.


Want more ideas for Outdoor Decorations? ... Just go to our Outdoor Decorations webpage...


One Last Thing ...

Did you check out our Party Themes?