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Dare to be different!

If you really want to do something different, something that will be remembered, we suggest a theme for your party.  Having a theme makes it easier to decorate and plan your menu.


Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Pink: Use two or three different shades of pink to decorate.  So sweet!

  • Diva: Is your daughter a self-proclaimed drama queen?  How about a Hollywood theme?  The Academy Awards?  Have everyone dress up in their finest outfit and roll out the red carpet on your walkway or driveway.  Ask some of your friends to be the paparazzi and have them take lots of pictures ... with bright flashes of course!

  • Sports: Is your son or daughter into sports?  Do they love the music played at sporting events?  Develop a theme around their favorite sport.  Hang all their old jerseys on clothes lines around the yard or in the house.  (The little ones are real cute).  Burn or load a collection of music played at professional sports events and play them during the party!

  • Class Clown: Has your teen always been a fun loving kid?  Celebrate this uniqueness with an inspirational focus on humor.  Ask your guests to think of funny stories and roast the guest of honor.  Make a poster of silly photos.  Hire a comedian to write and perform a funny tribute.  And bring in the clowns!

Mexican Buffet
  • Mexico: Does your teen study Spanish? Decorating is easy for a Mexican theme, and who can resist a taco bar?  Borrow a sombrero, rugs and wall hangings and display your memorabilia with it.  Consider inviting your studentís language teachers.
  • France: Did your teen study French?  Oui?  Ooh la la, build on that theme.  French bread, exotic cheeses, French pastries set-up around the French flag or a miniature Eiffel Tower.

  • European: Does your teen like to travel or would your teen like to back pack through Europe?  Decorate with travel posters, and your invitation could be a passport.

  • Green Theme: If your teen is committed to making a difference for the earth support their goals and make your celebration environmentally sensible. Use reusable tableware and decorations and make sure you have a special place to throw away recyclables!  For table decorations use potted plants that guests can take home at the end of the party.

  • Backyard Brunch: Is breakfast their favorite meal? See our food section.

  • Dance: Does she love to dance?  Splurge on a band or DJ and let music take center stage.  Just serve snacks and soft drinks.

  • School Spirit! Really emphasize the school your teen attends by decorating with the school colors, logo and team jerseys.

  • Beach Party! If you canít get to a real beach or lake, fill up a plastic kiddie pool with ice and arrange your salads and other perishable food to keep them cool throughout the party.  Serve beverages with cute straws and little umbrellas.  Have plenty of beach balls, yard games, patio umbrellas, lawn chairs and beach towels.  

  • New York, New York: Does your teen dream of heding to Broadway?  Decorate with signs that look like movie theatre signs and lights.  Make your invitation in the form of a theatre ticket.

  • Drama Party: Is your teen involved in school plays?  Maybe you could borrow props from the school and invite a few friends to dress up and perform for the crowd.

  • Private Showing: Is your teen an artist?  A photographer?  Have a showing of their work. (Did you know you can rent easels from party rental companies?)  This theme lends itself to a great invitation!

  • Sundaes on Saturday: Cute invitation idea that makes for a simple menu.  Just buy big tubs of ice cream and lots of different toppings and set up a sundae bar. You may be able to rent a freezer.  Check our Local Products & Services webpage.

  • Texas or Southwest: Decorate with bandanas, red chili pepper lights, and howling coyotes. Serve southwest food or BBQ, corn bread, chips with guacamole and salsa. Yum, yum!

  • Thank You: Invite all of your teenís teachers, coaches, and special friends who helped them along their way.

Add to the theme excitement with customized water bottles!